Cameos New and Old

Antique and vintage cameos are highly prized and collectible works of art. When considering a purchase to start or add to your collection the quality of a fine cameo should be judged by the artistic composition, skill and technique of the carver. The wonderful thing about antique and vintage cameos is that no two will be exactly alike, each design will take on the personality and life of its carver. This is what makes collecting cameos so interesting and addicting. The cameos I have available span from the mid. 1800's to the 1950's and are set in various precious metals such as gold filled, sterling silver, 10k, 14k and 18k. There is also a variety of materials used for cameo carvings, choose from hard stone (Onyx or Agate), Helmut shell (varies from beige to brown), Queen Conch Shell (white to pale pink) and Coral (white, pink, salmon, orange and red).

We also offer new cameos that have all the elegance, looks and beauty of the antique ones but at an affordable price point. They make great gifts for all occasions such as graduations, bridal party gifts, bridal jewelry or just love it.

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Black onyx, habille shell cameo & diamond accent
Choice of Lapis lazuli & shell cameo or black onyx & shell cameo
$114.99 - $129.99
Shell cameo & black onyx w/ diamond accent
Black onyx & shell cameo
Reversible flip cameo & onyx w/ diamond in an ornate filigree frame.
Reversible flip cameo & onyx
36 Items.  Showing Items 31 thru 36.
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