Janeliunas Jewelry's commitment to environmental and cultural impact statement


We are proud to support the manufacturer's of our most popular line's which are made right here in the United States by craftsmen who have preserved 100 to 150 year old hand engraved dies, antique jewelry or assembled new designs from vintage parts. We guaranty all of the unfinished jewelry settings we offer have not been outsourced from China, India or Mexico as most jewelry is currently being produced in. We prefer to support and work with individuals who are craftsmen or small businesses right here in the United States. These committed individuals consider their work, their passion and it shows.

To distinguish and support our "Made in America" crafted products look for the "Made in USA" ribbon on the item listing.


Another important consideration for many is the sourcing of the precious metals used in the production of the jewelry we sell. Mining has always carried a heavy impact on it's surrounding environment from polluting ground water with hazardous wastes to the release of the most toxic chemicals known to man. Coupled with the human rights issues of torture, abuse and slavery the romance and glamor of jewelry is overshadowed for many socially conscious people. This is why we strive to be affiliated and purchase products that are sourced from manufacturer's, suppliers and vendors where ever possible who have policies and procedures that insure all environmentally friendly practices are strictly followed.

To promote the products manufactured from eco-friendly recycled precious metals we have identified each item by the green recycled icon shown below. Many of our products are manufactured from Hoover & Strong's Harmony metals program and they have provided a wealth of information that is very informative. Click on their Harmony banner link below to learn more. If your concerned about purchasing an item not marked as recycled, it still may be, just email the item # and we will contact the vendor. 

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