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1. Antique & Vintage Costume Jewelry (37)


2. Antique & Vintage Jewelry (43)

This section is for store front and virtual web sites that offer high quality fine antique, vintage and estate jewelry. Must be genuine, no reproductions.

3. Antique to Vintage Style Decor (1)

Antique, Vintage, Reproduction and collectible home decor accessories

4. New Reproduction & Contemporary Jewelry (37)

Sites in this category sell new contemporary jewelry. Antique reproduction jewelry sites are also included in here as they are newly manufactured items.

5. Information (34)

Listings containing jewelry related information and resources from professional organizations to blogs and magazine articles.

6. Jewelry Directories (32)

Directories that list jewelry sites. They may contain a jewelry category and not be entirely for the jewelry industry.

7. Vintage Fashions (3)

Web sites that specialize in Victorian and vintage fashions, clothing, purses & accessories.



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