Return / Shipping Instructions 


  • All returns must have the assigned return authorization code noted on the outside of the package. The buyer/sender is responsible for return shipping & insurance unless return is due to an order error or defect. Apply the correct postage amount, "postage due" packages are subject to being returned to sender or the insufficient amount will be subtracted from the refund. Items returned uninsured are at the customers risk if lost or damaged in transit. We recommend all items have insurance to protect you, the buyer, against loss or damage as refunds will not be issued on lost or damaged items in shipment.
  • It's best to send returns back in their original packaging with a copy of the receipt. If you received a presentation box with your purchase, that must be returned in reusable condition with the article. All jewelry needs to be packaged in a box. Fragile parts that can be damaged should be boxed and all small parts need to have a layer of bubble wrap (wrapping the paper receipt around the parts is not sufficient to prevent damage) as the mail sorting machines will crush even the smallest of parts and gemstones. Items received damaged from improper packaging can not be refunded and will be returned to the customer.
    • Do not use flat 1st class letter envelopes with a stamp. No matter how small the item, they offer no protection, tend to tear open and the sorting machines will crush small metal parts. *After still receiving a number of crushed earring backs returned in first class envelopes we now must add: Please spend the additional $1.50 for a greater than 1/4 thick padded envelope that contains a (filled) layer of bubble wrap around your returned parts. Layered tissue paper, deflated bubble wrap & paper wrapped several times around the part still does not provide the needed layer of cushion. Please package properly (and insure) to protect yourself, we really do want you to receive your refund.
    • Do not use USPS supplied or standard flat cardboard envelopes (large or small) unless a cushioned layer of bubble wrap is used for padding. Parts placed in the card board envelopes wrapped with only the paper receipt are at risk for damage. The post office stacks heavier envelopes, packages and piles sorting bins one on top of the other in transport. Due to this a layer of cushioning has to be used in order to protect parts.

Addressed to:  Janeliunas Co., PO Box 417, Townsend, MA 01469    


  • If sending in a gemstone to be set or an item with stones, follow the same instructions as above except that a Return Authorization Number is not needed. Enclose a printed out a copy of the receipt in the package for ease of order tracking. List what your stone(s) are and their replacement value. If you have not placed an order prior to sending your package, make sure you enclose all your contact information such as name, phone number, email address, value of the item you sent so we know what to add for insurance on return shipping and instructions.
    • High value stone(s) will require an additional insurance fee for return coverage that wil be added to the order total.
    • In the event of loss or damage at the work bench occuring, it is rare but can happen, we replace lost or damaged stones with equal, the same or better quality. Customers will be notified in this event.
    • The cash value noted is for insurance replacement purposes in shipment only and does not constitute as an agreement for the amount of cash compensation we pay in the event of loss or damage.   


Email for return authorization here:

When return is received a merchandise credit or refund will be issued within 2 to 4 days in accordance to the original form of payment.