14k Gold Oval Jump Ring, Light Weight

# JR

14k Gold Oval Jump Ring, Light Weight
Size & metal selection*
3.2x2.5mm - 14k yellow (#JR13L)  $2.99
3.2x2.5mm - 14k white (#JR13L)  $2.99
3.3x2.8mm - 14k yellow (#JR14L)  $3.99
3.3x2.8mm - 14k white (#JR14L)  $3.99
3.5x3.0mm - 14k yellow (#JR15L)  $5.99
3.5x3.0mm - 14k white (#JR15L)  $5.99
6.4x4.6mm - 14k yellow (#JR16L)  $9.99
6.4x4.6mm - 14k white (#JR16L)  $9.99
6.8x5.1mm - 14k yellow (#JR17L)  $10.49
7.6x5.8mm - 14k yellow (#JR18L)  $10.99
7.6x5.8mm - 14k white (#JR18L)  $10.99

Description: 14k gold oval shaped jump ring with opening. This type of ring is used for connecting links or attaching clasps, pendants, etc. Soldering ring closed is recommended for added security. Available in 14k yellow or 14k white gold. Sold individually.

Offered in the following sizes by the outside diameter:
3.2x2.5mm in diameter with 26 gauge wire.
3.3x2.8mm in diameter with 24 gauge wire.
3.5x3.0mm in diameter with 22 gauge wire.
6.4x4.6mm in diameter with 22 gauge wire.
6.8x5.1mm in diameter with 22 gauge wire.
7.6x5.8mm in diameter with 22 gauge wire.

Shipping time: Ships in approx. 3 to 7 days depending on availability

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